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22nd-Feb-2022 02:22 am - noobie

Hello! I’m a blogger itself and I decided to relive my lj account and betrayed xanga XD I inject much of my personality through my writings so you’ll get a taste of how much I’m like :)

Many assume me to be a maniac of western artistes but I truly am a maniac of anything Japanese and Korean. Watching dramas do entertain me at times but when it comes to entertainment, I truly enjoy Japanese/Korean music and lj serves to my fetish. An avid fangirl of NEWS, SS501, Arashi and mostly JE groups. Yamapi is major love <3 I don’t understand the reason to the weird eye when it comes to Asian entertainment because it’s only a biased racist perspective of the country. So if we have one of those in common, I would be more than ecstatic to be friends with you :D 

12th-Feb-2010 08:46 pm - Sakuraaaaa


I know it’s already posted everywhere but I don’t care heh

Incredibly excited that….. NEWS IS RELEASING A NEW SINGLE ‘SAKURA GIRL’ (!!!) WHEEHEE. No seriously, like finally something from them :))) so can’t wait! I’m sure it will be good. Sakura flowers are pretty and it’s spring in Japan now I suppose. So it’s a totally cool idea!

Sorry I’ve been crappy with updates.

→ My best friend left for Australia just a few days back :\ I definitely will miss her heaps! I’m sure we will catch up via skype and stuff but by the time I get my ass to UK I will be the other end of the world.

→ Bought a new lappie finally :D! I’ve been living with my retarded desktop for ages. It was actually between a Mac or Dell. In the end I chose the Mac cause um it’s just nice? Nah, I don’t know man. Macintosh is so different and all, so I’m still in the verge of getting used to it. Meh. Oh the messenger is retarded. I can’t friggin send offline messages to people and no sharing folders. So yeah in this sense, it sucks pfft.

→ Hm, what else to say.. Ahhh yes, I got an offer letter from the university I applied. So double yay for me~ which means, I’m left with 5 more months here in Malaysia oh god.

→ SUJU rockpit tickets went on sale for a day. What the eff?! :S I mean it’s unfair for those people who queued up for hours on the first day just to buy their tix.

→ Been catching up with American Tv Series like American Idol, Glee and all that heh. Oh have you guys heard of 90210? Go watch it. It’s awesome!

CNY is around the corner EXCITED. Happy Chinese New Year to all who’s celebrating <3
17th-Jan-2010 05:03 pm - 2010 in a nutshell
Uni is insane. Meh, at first I thought I only have 3 subjects to take this semester.I’m like woohoo (!!!) and then later on, I was told that I have to take all 3 elective subjects wtfml. If I don’t, I can’t transfer credits to UK.

I really hated my uni that time. It’s insane to take 6 subjects this semester. So I took 1 this sem and I’ve got to extend my semester to July to finish up the other 2 wtfml again :\ timetable sucks big time. Anyways, I took up a Mass Communication subject and I’m rather excited actually. If not for Psychology, I’d be doing a degree in Mass Comm already heh.

On the bright side, I still have roughly 2months to prepare before I go :DD

Oh here it is, some random stuffs that happened during the belated NYE celebration with my friends XD



I would love to take the rockpit tickets but it’s too expensive so I’d be going for the numbered seatings. At least it’s numbered XD The concert better not be cancelled last min or else I’ll…. um kill them heheh

And, I’m still waiting patiently for CB2 and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge subs

31st-Dec-2009 12:13 pm - just a little bit of eclipse
Crap, time flies. I barely have time to absorb reality and here it is the end of 2009 and soon the beginning of 2010

Oh yes, I’ve done up a New Year Resolution List~
But most of every year I don’t really look at it or fulfill any of them

Meh, I suck :\

Anywaays, I’ll still do, just for the sake of 2010 :D?!

Over hereeeeeCollapse )

ugh, I’m too lazy to finish up this list cause I can’t think of more atm so… to be continued XD

Happy New Year Everyone
24th-Dec-2009 04:51 pm - Hohoho

HIII world :DDD

Oh back from long hiatus meh. On a happier note, I’m done with my final exams for this semester. It was a crazy month for me. I have to cope with the 4 toughest subjects in Psychology and I even had a second thought if I’m in the right course pfft. Since now it’s all over, I’m just going to enjoy my 3 weeks of holidays to the fullest XD

Okay I know Christmas is coming first before New Year’s but I’m really excited to start the New Year. And all I want for Christmas is turkey and great wine :) Previously, I used to distribute Christmas cards to my friends but the trend seems to die out lately huh?

Heheh. I actually like decorating my house with Christmas trees and I like the idea of placing prezzies under the tree. Imagine the excitement nearing Christmas where you will be wondering what you will be getting a for a Christmas gift aaaaahh~

What are my Christmas plans?


I’ll be spending Christmas Eve in Church and probably spend a night the following day with my family and cousins for a Christmas dinner and a get together. What’s lovelier is both my cousins from Aussie are back! It will be great fun mm :D and the next day will be shopping and what not HEHEH.


Have a Merry Christmas Folks <3

18th-Nov-2009 02:10 am - crush on youu

Today marks the release of Yamapi 2nd solo single Loveless ♡♡!

Of course I won’t fail to post this up. I was very surprised when I first hear ‘crush on you’ on my itunes. I’m like whaaaaat, is pi singing in English? Seriously, I had no idea at all that pi will be singing English songs in this album :)! Then I went on listening to all the other tracks heheh.

I love it when pi goes ‘So crazy you're sexy, I'm crushing on you BABY! Laaarrve it! Loveless is awesome as usual, but I personally like after the rain and ME as well. Esp ‘ME’ is waaaay too catchy. Good job on Moonlight though! I like it where pi wrote it himself aw ♡

Well, overall Pi has shown a different side of him in this album and a unique genre. It’s so mid tempo R&B ballad-ish ahah whatever that is. Oh by the way, his engrish is sexayy okay XD!

More on Yamapi Flailing~Collapse )

excuse the caps by the way ;) Nitey worlddddd.
13th-Nov-2009 11:55 pm - two zero one two
And so I watched 2012 the movie today. The cinema was crazy packed with people. Initially, I watched the trailers and I’m like whoa! I’m def gonna watch this. Uh so yeah, it was gooood nonetheless. They mixed all kind of elements in this movie. I was sobbing (hey! It was really touching, I just couldn’t take it but to let my tears flow), then laughed during the humor part of the show and yeah how gay I was today loll.

Is the world really going to end? That’s a good question. Well, if you’d to ask if I believe in it, yes I do. It’s scary when you come to think of it. I was telling myself, I MUST do the stuffs I want to do before the world ends? One of the stuff is fandom related HEHEH.

Anyways, I watched NEWS con already :DDD! I’m not going to be a pi bias here, but seriously his hairrrrrrr. Thank goodness it’s straighter now and that explains why he didn’t stick to that hairstyle for long teehee. Koyashige is awesome as usual and tegoshi wtf. He’s too cute in there. Really. I feel like pinching his chubby cheeks whee. I shall flail more about it when I watch the documentary.

Novemberrr BabiesCollapse )

Good nighty world~
11th-Nov-2009 01:45 am - OH YEAH
Hay there :D!

I have a lot of pending posts that I have yet to decide whether to publish. Trust me, it is nothing interesting lol! My blogging mojojo is back :) Finals are knocking my door(pfft) and I really need to buck up If I want to do well in this semester. Although I’ve decided to only study abroad next year but still I can’t be so laid back like this hah! Oh I might include in the next post which to why I might not be studying in Australia but UK instead =\

Lately, Korean entertainment serves me well lolololol. But uarhh my heart still belongs to Je ♡ Yamapi’s solo con goods sales are making me sad. Anyways, I’m looking forward to this week to watch NEWS Live Diamond DVD with none other thancubixism&snowflakezz I’m predicting that it’s going to be crazy amount of funs.

I have so many things to watch.. You’re Beautiful (I promise I’d watch no matter how busy I am now), Gossip Girl, I’d love to finish Othros (can’t help it cause they are 2 amazing guys in there XD), My girl, more of that later… upcoming ones like code blue 2 and the one with sho and maki in it?! Arhhhhh

Also, can I just say that, I’m growing to love photography a lot more now? I have to keep reminding myself to bring the camera out each time weii. Not because I can take more pretty pictures but the photos would remind me the journey in life. I (might) post some of my random pics that I’ve taken lately ;))

Gdnight world ♡!
26th-Oct-2009 04:22 am - Lee Min Ho in Sg Wang Malaysia :D !!
Heyyy there XD SO today was the day where Lee Min-Ho came to Malaysia for a promotional event for Etude House at Sungei Wang KL. Well, my friend cubixism went to the airport to greet him and we waited for quite some time before he arrived. Surprisingly there were not many fans there. Hee, cause everyone was there at Sg Wang. Some were there at about 10am?! As soon as he reached the arrival gate, fans were screaming and running towards him :P MY friend and I followed the crowd and managed to take a few shots of him Whee~ He kept smiling and waving at us :DD

more under the cut :)Collapse )

anyway, here's a video which i took of min-ho while he's on stage :D

25th-Oct-2009 01:27 am - lovely loveless


I’m backkkk. AHAH. I didn’t just came back from Australia but awhile ago already XD
Well, I had heaps of fun there :DDD it’s a really beautiful place <3
Seriously, my life is so boring before this (ASSignments! Uni! Exams!) till lately I found back my sparkly life again wheee~

Oh god, I hv a lot of things to flail about, so here’s a few things I would like to do it here lol

♥ ARGH UGH ARGH YAMAPI SOLO CON. YAMAPI SINGLE, LOVELESS …Gawd it is AMAZING. His voice is just… WOW. Though it was radio ripped, I don’t care. I can’t wait for the album to be released *screams avidly* I wanted limited edition B, but I can’t pre-order anymore T.T

♥ ummm. YAMAPI CON?! T.T okay fine, I'm not going to post a whole ramble here but seriously Tokyo dome?!

♥ NEWS LIVE DIAMOND DVD. Oh tell me about it….

♥ Just came back from the SS501 fan meeting with the Triples. Nice to meet new people there and I signed on Young Saeng’s Birthday Card :DDD

♥ LEE MIN-HO LOLOLOL. He’s coming to Malaysia tmr for a promotional event and what not, MEET US LOLOLOL


→ Wake up at 11 and pick chryl up tmr. Off to the airport to stalk MIN-HO CHECKED!

→ Bring my posters, clear file and the sunflower I bought for him <3 CHECKED

→ Rmb to smile and say something to MIN-HO. No stonning CHECKED

→ Book midnight movie tickets CHECKED

→ Drink some Red Bull CHECKED

TMR. YAY can’t wait XD

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